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Professional Estate Sale Services

What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale generally refers to an on-site sale where a person’s belongings are offered for purchase to the general public. It usually occurs after a passing of a loved one, a divorce or in the event of downsizing.


Why Hire Us?

When you hire Carolina Auctioneers & Estate Sale Services, you're hiring the best in the industry.

We are a family owned and operated business, so be rest assured that our hearts are immersed in this business and because of that, we are dedicated to you and value our relationship with you.


Why Have an estate sale?

Estate sales are a great option when our clients wish to make the most out of their assets. It has proven to be a very efficient way to generate cash and maximize profit. We are committed to offering the finest and most reliable Estate Sale services. We have strong standards and believe in ethics and professionalism.


Buy-out Option

We purchase entire estates, special collections, and single high value items. Our specialties include Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Silver, and much more. A Buyout is a great option when the estate needs to generate an immediate income, the decedent’s residence is an apartment or an HOA or when the family decide not to have a public estate sale.


Carolina Auctioneers & Estate Sale Services is changing the way estate sales are ran in the Greenville, SC area. We meticulously handle every aspect of the sale from beginning to end. Our team of experts clean, sort, organize, rearrange, decorate, research, price, and advertise all items within the estate. We take the time to make each home into a boutique-like shopping experience for our customers, maximizing proceeds for our clients. Each item in the home is evaluated and priced for fair market value then expertly advertised with professional photography and website listings. We then open the sale to the public in an orderly manner ensuring safety to our staff, customers, products, and client’s homes. After opening the sale to the public, our team members are positioned strategically throughout the home in order to adequately service and maintain the large crowds we often experience. It is our goal to keep the home continually looking as if the sale has just started by resetting up merchandise and continually creating different displays.

There is a lot that goes into holding an estate sale, our estate sale services include:

  • Free initial consultation

  • Sale preparation

  • Antique evaluation

  • Pricing and bulk pricing (all merchandise)

  • Advertising through our proprietary network of collectors and general public

  • Professional photography of estate items

  • Ad creation and placement

  • Email list of over 1,000 names

  • Sale previews via our website, Facebook, and network of estate sale websites

  • Rubbish removal / Clean-out Service

  • Sales Report

If you need an estate sale, please contact us below. It is best to start planning an estate sale as far in advance as possible.


We offer buy-out/clean-out service when our clients need a quick turn over on select items or need a home cleared out in a short amount of time. The main reason for a buy-out is when there are select items of value that need to be liquidated in a short time frame, at that point Carolina Auctioneers & Estate Sale Services will evaluate the personal property and make an offer.

If an entire home needs to be emptied, we come in and assess the value of the property and figure out what we can offer. We then determine what disposing of the non sellable items would cost and either make an offer or give a quote for what we would charge to clean the property out. Some of the benefits of having a buy-out/clean-out are:

Quick sale of items

Same day payment on buy-out items (if applicable)

Empty a home in a short time frame

Hassle free removal of items left after a move

No headaches of auction fees and time

Donation Receipt and inventory (if applicable)

Final phase cleaning for a market ready home

Network of contractors for other needed services (realtors, painters, etc.)

We believe an estate sale is the best possible way to maximize the value of personal property. If there is not enough for an estate sale there are other ways to make as much money as possible, such as selling the items personally online or going through an auction house. The clients that usually take advantage of our buy-out/clean-out service usually need quick turnover on antiques or collectibles.


Carolina Auctioneers & Estate Sale Services offers clients price evaluations of antiques and collectibles. Some of the families we work with need values to appropriately distribute heirlooms amongst each other. We have also helped many families that do not have enough value for a company to run an estate sale and they need values to run a private sale themselves. We help you understand what makes something valuable, antique, and rare to leave you with a good understanding of the market values.

Benefits of antique evaluation:

Knowing current market value

Identifying antiques and reproductions

Properly distributing property among heirs

Avoiding pricing mistakes when selling